Sunday, 22 March 2009

Relocation, Relocation ... Once More

Dearest Interwebz,

blogging isn't what it used to be in 2005 when I opened the Old Factory. The Old Factory was fun and then I got bored, I got the new factory and it was okay-ish.

I mean there were "good" posts, but in total I'm not happy with things... which is reflected in me not having blogged since January.

Also I find myself collecting things and then never post them, coz writing a whole blog takes too long and blah, blah ... and actually I've lost my inspiration a bit as well.

So for now, I'm re-locating to ... yep, you guessed it ... twitter.

It's perfect... microblogging ... it will also help me to keep things short and to the point (a valuable lesson for me, I think) thx to the 140 character limit.

Weirdly enough posting a quick link on there or a word on something that happened or I've read or I just wanna share, seems to be less of a hassle than writing a blog post on here ... not sure why... I think that might just be in my head. But the 140 character limit might have something to do with that as well + it also feels more interactive.

I'm not totally abandoning the factory though... maybe one day, I'll bring it back... when there are more interesting things happening in my life than sitting at home and writing my dissertation ;) Maybe twitter will give me back some inspiration for proper blogging...

for now you can find me here:

yeah, factory girl was already taken ... surprisingly ;o)

Thx for visiting the factory and commenting! You were fabulous!

I'm gonna miss you, my little factory, but for now I must say: Bye, bye, bye, Darling!

lots of love to everyone out there! all 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of you... ;o)

xoxo factory girl

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Congratz, Gaz!

The best right-back in the whole wide world and factory girl favourite Mr. Gary Neville has become a Daddy for the first time.

His wife Emma gave birth to healthy baby girl Molly on the 11th of January.

Congratz to the happy family from the factory girl!

Still wondering how we could not know she was pregnant ... they are brilliant at the privacy thing... good for them!

Meanwhile Gaz has been on good form for United and Sir has just said, that he'll be offered a contract as a coach of some sort once he retires. Not a surprise, really, but still I wanna say: Yessss!

We not just beat Chelsea last week, no, we top the table this week and I spend my time staring at pictures of Nemanja Vidic... I always thought he was HOT, though most people will disagree... which reminds me of a conversation I was once had on the TransPennine Express from Manchester to Leeds during the 06/07 season. When 2 guys borrowed my match day magazine after a game and one of them held up a poster of Nemanja and said "doesn't my mate look just like him"... well, he did a bit, so I agreed and suddenly the guy was upset, because apparently they thought Nemanja was ugly... No, No, No... I was like "Whoat? I think he is kinda HOT!" ... that cheered him up ... maybe that was a tactical mistake on my side, coz I wasn't interested and he didn't really look as hot as Nemanja, but I was kind-hearted enough to not tell him that. Random!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Primark - Coming To A City Centre Near You

Our favourite cheapy cheapy clothes shop the P-Place is in the news today. Well we all knew they exploited people in Asia ... how else would they be able to sell the stuff at those prices... but then pretty much all the high street stores do ... what about those poor ladies in China that dye cotton with dangerous chemicals involved ... it's not good, but it's a reality that you can hardly escape as a modern day consumer, I think. 

Today it turns out the P-Place work with this factory (yeah, I know) in Manchester that employs illegal immigrants and pays them like 3 GBP an hour working 12hours a day 7 days a week or something. Big Scandal for the press.

What does the factory girl say?

This is soooo cotton mills - North and South - kinda stuff ... just like 150 years later. I knew there still were textile companies in Manchester, but that's really stuff from a different century... 

Anyway, it won't stop me shopping there ... I mean we always knew the deal, right? Just being realistic, something's gotta give ... 

the P-Place obviously is addressing the ethical issue ... watch these PR videos ... she is ANGRY!

I know you all like Primark just as much as I do, so you will be as excited as I am reading this...

Primark is expanding more rapidly than any other British retailer. The company is planning to expand to Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands in 2009. 

Yessss: Primark - Germany - 2009!

Actually I should look into whether the corporation that owns them is hiring marketing trainees ... I can see my future unfolding ... one day fashion week, the next day ordering fake designs from  factories ... working on the brink of piracy .... fabulous!*

* I'm aware that wouldn't really be my job ... though a pirate in fashion sounds kinda fabulous ... and then kinda not so much. Anyway, they don't do advertizing, so it's more sales kinda jobs + crisis pr... hmmm, let me be a pirate ... the factory could be my ship!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Trash TV Year

The German Jungle Camp has fierce competition this January.

How can the Gods of Trash TV spoil us so much?

This is soooo promising!!!

And even the legendary Jackie returns... it's really her on the phone... how will RTL be able to beat this? I can't wait to find out.


On a different note, I'll never be able to go on holiday in Saudi Arabia...

Expats in Saudi Arabia, who buy black market “gin” to get round Arab drinking laws, missed out on G&Ts after Arab princes banned TONIC.

Andy Linden, 34, said: “You can’t find it for love nor money.”

Friday, 19 December 2008

What I've Learned Today

It's not oopsie daisy!

It's oops-a-daisy!

An exclamation made when encouraging a child to get up after a fall or when lifting a child into the air.

Actually there are a million ways to spell it and I wasn't far off... though I should spell it whoopsie daisy or whoops-a-daisy to get the correct meaning... in the context in which I use it:

An exclamation made after a stumble or other mistake. It is usually said by the perpetrator of the error and the saying out loud is a public acknowledgement.

Reading this made me realise although I have watched Notting Hill a million times, I've never watched it in English... I would have remembered Hugh Grant saying it and Julia Roberts remark:

"No one has said 'whoops-a-daisies' for fifty years and even then it was only little girls with blonde ringlets."

I remember the quote in German though... I wish I had watched the movie in English back in the day, mind you, I could have been using this phrase for years...

Also... the first known printed record of any form of the term is in Clough Robinson's The dialect of Leeds and its neighbourhood (1862). Awww, Leeds... it all comes full circle in the end, doesn't it? Brilliant!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Silence Please ’Cos I’ve Got Something To Say

One beloved show goes, but ITV never fails to deliver...

it's called Take That Come To Town and it's all on youtube, so go check it out! (Loving Mark's new hair btw, which is basically his old 90ies hair... fantastic!)

and this is so brilliant ... Peter Kay as Geraldine McQueen - winner of spoof reality tv show 'Britain’s Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice', who rceently beat the true x-factor winner in the charts and had a number two hit song thx to songwriter extraordinaire Gary Barlow - showed up too...

(And for La Bonette: check out this video by the above-mentioned Mr. Blobby ... you'll never believe who his limo driver was... yep, the big car freak and prime-minister-internet-elect (0:27)! )

I just love this advert for the show...

also very hilarious is this backstage thingy...

The factory girl is currently listening to her just legally downloaded copy of The Circus... and she loves it. Though at times she wonders about the Greeting Card lyrics crossed with Coldplay sound, but I think it makes perfect manband material and a few songs are already on top of my playlist... soppy and lovely... and some even spiritual... and if this wasn't enough... the album also gave me this picture...

which is so wrong and so brilliant in so many ways! and let's be honest, so are these...


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I'm Gonna Miss It Terribly

I can't believe it's over! It started out quite dull and then suddenly it became one of the best seasons ever!

I love this last show they did ... showing behind the scenes stuff

I'm really gonna miss them ...

What will I watch now after countless hours of uni torture? What is gonna put that smile on my face? It's the best show EVER to cheer you up. It's strange how much you get used (addicted) to seeing these people every day... and Ant & Dec... and Bob, who sadly plays a much smaller role on the UK series.

Just good that the next german series is already in the works and I'll be able to go back to the jungle every night quite soon... and Dr. Bob will be there and he'll be getting the recognition he deserves. I'm gonna miss Ant and Dec though ... and why is there no spin-off show like the one on itv2? I would host it! Vox, give me a call!

Anyway, let's just thank itv for producing season after season so succesfully that RTL was lured back to do another season earlier this year. It's the best trashy "reality" show ever!

Long live King Joe!